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This is Service Control Training Ltd.  We can provide tailored solutions for new and promotional service control staff to allow them to develop full understanding and application of the RSSB rulebook (or any bespoke rulebook applied to your railway). 

Assignments undertaken include rules and procedures training, CMS verification for signalling or service controller staff, course design and delivery for legacy fixed block (dual and multi aspect signalling systems) and Thales and Siemens moving block CBTC/TBTC technology.  Over 60 years  operational railway experience available within the company from  operators who are qualified trainers and have spent a lifetime in the rail industry working within London Underground and the National Railway system as drivers, signallers, controllers and station staff.

Our most recent assignment provided signalman training services, rule book training and RSSB safety critical communications training (scenario based training and assessments throughout) for a prestige London project due to commence operations in 2019.

For more information about our rail and bus consultancy and training services email:connex dlouhe stranejpg